Victoria Pleasure Gardens
Mill Street           Tewkesbury
“The ‘Victoria Ground”’
We have already (a fortnight since) referred to the admirable way in which Mr Gray has been drawing order out of chaos  at the back of the Bowling Green, and adapting the  old Pound Wall slip and roadway to the purposes of a pleasure ground.  Great strides towards its completion have been made during the past week – rustic arbours built, rustic palisades and gates erected, lawn flower beds formed, the stone terrace steps perfected and the uppermost square blocks of composite stone ay the entrance inscribed with the names of Mr J.B. Lewis and Mr. T.W.Moore the mayors of the year of Her Majesty’s accession and the present year. – all after the most tasteful and effective style.  The beautiful little spot will be opened by the Mayoress (Mrs Moore) soon after noon on Tuesday, and the scene should be one of the happiest of the whole day’s doings.”
The Queen’s Jubilee was eagerly anticipated and there was some enthusiasm for the Victoria Pleasure Gardens as this entry from the Tewkesbury Register and Gazette  from June 19th 1897 demonstrates.
Opening Day
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