Victoria Pleasure Gardens
Mill Street           Tewkesbury
The bandstand was first considered in  the Spring of 1904 with tenders invited for a bandstand in the region of £50.
One councillor ‘remarked that they did not want a lot of iron work to make the thing heavy and unsuitable for the purpose; they wanted something light as something heavy would cost a lot of money.’

The bandstand was built by Walkers who were famous fair ride constructors and finally opened in May 1905.

There seems to have been no civic ceremony but the band played in the Gardens several times over the summer.

The end of the road for the bandstand seems to have been the Second World War.  In spite of tales to the contrary, it is likely that it was taken for scrap when the cannon and the railings were taken but no-one has as yet found any evidence.
The Bandstand
A Frith postcard of 1906
This postcard was posted in 1911