Victoria Pleasure Gardens
Mill Street           Tewkesbury

Events Calendar


Of course, anyone can arrange events in the gardens; apply to the Borough Council.

 Please note this website is going to be replaced and these pages will not be updated.

The “Friends” will be planting the summer bedding on Saturday 26th May. If you could lend a hand or would like to meet the volunteer team, they would be delighted to see you in the Gardens from 10 o’clock onwards.

 The Open Day is Sunday 1st July starting at 2 o’clock. There will a Band, a choir, refreshments and a whole host of friendly people.

  The Roses Theatre is again planning to hold events in the Gardens this summer.

Season by season

The robins are looking for their winter food supplies in the compost bins, but there are fewer blackbirds than usual. The family of swans seems to have dispersed but the kingfisher has been seen regularly.

The gardens are  ready for the winter onslaughts. The green manure is established, the tubs are planted for Spring colour and the shrubs are as neat as they can be to withstand the potential hazards of snow, rain and floods..