Victoria Pleasure Gardens
Mill Street           Tewkesbury

Events Calendar


Of course, anyone can arrange events in the gardens; apply to the Borough Council.

 The Roses Theatre is again planning to hold events in the Gardens this summer.

  Enjoy “As You Like it” on August 5th and a contemporary musical version of “Romeo and Juliet” on August 29th.  Details from the Roses Theatre.

Season by season

The roses are enjoying the summer sunshine and the bedding plants are flourishing. The urns and tubs are as colourful as ever.  The water life has been affected as little as possible by the works on the sluice at the Abbey Mill but the water levels have been rather low.

Summer visitors like swifts, martins and swallows are seen from the Gardens, especially at the Mill Street end, and the occasional sparrow hawk passes through in search of a tasty meal!